I have always said that blogging is not my forte, I am just not a writer…I take pictures…capture moments.  However there are those moments when I am touched in a way that compels me to want to share it some how.  Today was one of those days…

Some of you have been introduced to Quinn and you have been following her BMT journey via her Caring Bridge Page.  Well, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit her again today.  Seeing her sweet face is always a treat, but there is something else, when I am with Quinn, there is a calm about me, a peace that fills me.  It is an amazing feeling, one that I have only experienced with one other person, Tripp. I am not sure what it is or why it happens, I can only say it must be divine and there is nothing like it.

Yesterday was particularly special as I was able to be in the room when Quinn received “Healing Touch”, an energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. (Find out more).  I had no idea how powerful that would be, as Quinn received this, I could feel it through my entire body.  Tears came to my eyes as I experienced an amazing release and felt incredibly uplifted.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I did not think that there was any possible way that anything could top that feeling until I was preparing to leave.  I approached her beautiful sleeping face bent over to whisper “I love you” and what happened totally moved me.  Quinn opened her eyes and gave me what appeared to be an intentional blink and a then a look that seemed to say “I love you too.”  There is no doubt in my mind that is exactly what she was doing and I most certainly felt it!

Many have asked me how I can possibly bring myself  to do this, and I am always perplexed by that.  How can I not?  I am drawn to these children and it is something that my heart will not allow me to ignore.   Not only am I inspired and in awe of their courage and perseverance,  I am captivated by their shear being and I love them.  

Besides, take one look into these beautiful eyes and tell me you would not fight for her..

So with that, I want to say Happy SIX month birthday little lady!!  You continue to inspire those who know your story with your will and your courage. We continue to pray that you beat the odds!  You are a precious miracle and we see that every single day!!  I love you sweet girl!!
Marc and Mandy are amazing parents and their love for their daughter is truly beautiful.  They are so thankful for all of the prayers and support that they are getting from all over, that is all that they have ever really asked for.  However, they have some amazing ladies who are passionate about helping Quinn and they would love for you to join them and become part of Quinn’s Butterfly Army,  They have had some beautiful shirts made up that are available for purchase with the proceeds going to the Quinn Seymour Benefit Account
If you have questions or would like to order a shirt, you can contact .  

Please continue to pray for Quinn as she fights the good fight!